About Us

PEAR Academy Australia is a recognised coaching institute for advanced level of training in the English language specific to the needs of the Medical and Allied Health professionals. PEAR Academy is a Premium Preparation Provider for the Occupational English Test (OET) in Australia and India.

PEAR Academy is also an OET licensed test administrator with test venues in Adelaide (Australia), Bangalore, Mangalore, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, and Pune (India).

Future Direction “PEAR HUB “ PEAR Academy’s move into India in 2018 centred on the preparation aspect as the core strategy. We see ourselves as a business that is being built on a 3-point strategy in India:

“Prepare – Test – Place” .

  • Prepare: Intensive coaching of OET test skills and the English Language in preparation for the OET Test.
  • Test: PEAR an OET Testing Centre administers in key locations across India and ensures to deliver a high-quality Test Day experience
  • Place: To provide career guidance, pathway counselling, and placement services for health professionals and students wishing to pursue their academic careers abroad.


To fulfil employment opportunities for medical and allied health professionals to work in the Western world health sector by equipping them with requisite English language proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and so significantly enhance their English language communication skills.


To provide access to high quality English language proficiency courses and practical teaching methodologies to enhance the candidate’s communication skills, knowledge of the OET testing process, professional confidence, soft skills; and, to equip candidates with the social and cultural understanding of the workplace to help them integrate seamlessly into the western world health sector.

PEAR Academy OET Test Venues


PEAR Academy seeks to be a well-recognised brand in the delivery of the high-stakes OET test in India, South Asia, and Australia with a strong reputation for administering highly secure examinations together with an excellent test day experience for candidates.


PEAR Academy seeks to provide candidates with high quality OET test venues which offer excellent facilities, comfortable and stress-free environments, respectful and courteous staff to help make their day a pleasant experience.