Academic Council

The Academic Council was established as a Committee of the Board of Management of PEAR Academy Australasia in 2019. Its primary responsibility is the maintenance of academic standards within the Academy. This includes the planning, co-ordination, development, oversight, validation and review of the curriculum and all academic work conducted by the Academy. Among its other roles, is the development and recommendation to the Board, of strategies related to the teaching and research mission of the Academy including, but not limited to, strategies on learning and teaching, research, student/candidate support, quality assurance, collaborative provision, employability, and internationalisation. The Council expects to continue to foster and maintain close connections with industry, the professions, universities and research organisations to consolidate its position as a OET Premium Preparation Provider and support the Academy in expanding its operations across India.

PEAR Curriculum Standards are Australian “Best-of-Breed”: Curriculum standards, quality control, and teaching methodologies contextualised to the needs of the Indian market, are based on best-practice, state of the art methodologies in Australia. PEAR Academy is English language training organisation with specialist capability in the Medical & Allied Health Sector and in coaching methodologies for other English Tests.

The Academic Council is currently chaired by Dr Hank Duyverman. Other key members are Associate Prof. Mrs Daljit Rao, Prof. M.S. Manoj Kumar, Catherine Broadbent, and Dr Munir Ahmed.

Dr. Hank Duyverman has been an Educator and Educational Manager for over 40 years. He holds a Doctorate in Education, a Master’s in Marine Ecophysiology and a Diploma in TESOL. He has been a Senior Education Manager and an Academic Board Chair in several top institutions in Australia. Since 2014 he has been in the role of Dean and Academic Director of Pegasus International College. In 2018, he was also appointed Director of the Pegasus Language Training Centre in Danang. Dr Duyverman is a specialist in curriculum design. Dr Hank Duyverman is the Academic chair for PEAR Academy since August 2019 and is TESOL certified.

Daljit Rao is a University lecturer specialising in key Business Management subjects at the Bachelor and Masters Level in Australia. Her passion for teaching inspired her to establish PEAR Academy Australasia in Australia and India. Daljit has served as a member on the Education Adelaide board – a ministerial appointment. In 2015, Daljit was awarded the “Pride of Australia – People’s Choice Award” for contribution to the education sector in Adelaide, South Australia and her focus on quality and standards of education has won Daljit respect and recognition globally. Daljit is TESOL certified in Australia and India.

Professor M. S. Manoj Kumar has over 30 years of experience in the education industry in reputed educational institutes. Over a decade as Principal, with a desire to create an environment of continuous learning and innovation, was successful in achieving the highest recognition with the NAAC Accreditation of the institutions he represented as a principal. Professor Manoj also served as a Board member of Examination for Bangalore University. Prof. Manoj has been with PEAR Academy since its inception in India in 2018.

Catherine Broadbent has spent the past forty plus years in English language education as a teacher and resource manager. Since 1985 she has been involved in careers and higher education counselling, English language courses and summer schools in Kuwait, Switzerland and Malaysia. Catherine’s special area of expertise is in English language teaching. She has postgraduate diplomas from RSA and Exeter University. Her work with PEAR Academy Australasia is a continuation of her engagement with English language teaching and developing teacher materials for coaching.

Dr. Munir Ahmed is an Adjunct Professor and Director of RGUHS Academic & Administrative Training Institute (RAATI) under the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka; and, Professor at the Post Graduate Department of Repertor, Government Homeopathic Medical College, Bengaluru. He has been engaged in creating a confluence of Health Professionals’ Education on scientific principles and scholarship for the past two decades. With extensive qualifications, awarded by universities in India and abroad in the domains of Homeopathy, Medical education, Teaching Technology, Instructional Design, Learning & Development, Education Management, and an International TESOL Diploma, he has developed enormous expertise in L&D as applied to the Healthcare Education system.