PEAR Academy Overview

PEAR Academy is a Premium Preparation Centre for OET Cambridge in Australia and India PEAR has collaborated with key institutions, universities, and health organisations in Australia and India, to deliver PEAR Academy’s ‘English for Health Professionals’ (EHP) program as part of the OET curriculum for medical and allied health professionals.

PEAR’s focus is to prepare students to study, work, and live in their home country or in English speaking Western countries (UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA) by enhancing employability by improving their English language communication skills. We groom graduates and professionals by developing their soft skills for employability, professional registration, and for immigration visa purposes.

PEAR Educators:

PEAR Academy’s qualified trainers teaching methodology is to align the quality of program delivery and standards as per the requirement of the OET Cambridge Boxhill Institute Australia PEAR’s trainers are “Native English Speakers” from Australia combined with Indian qualified trainers who are OET approved and TESOL qualified, backed by experience.

PEAR's One-Point agenda drives our vision, philosophy, and strategy. PEAR's contextualised teaching methodology focuses on Grammar, Writing Structure, Communication, Listening, and the Clinical understanding of case notes contextualised to the overseas workplace environment, expectations, and the health system. We also focus on pronunciation, colloquialisms, and workplace etiquette to enable individuals to build their self-confidence and become work ready.


OET - English for Health Professionals

Program Rationale

English for Health Professionals is a course that will provide graduates and professionals with the opportunity to enhance their English language proficiency and to prepare well for the OET. It makes candidates become better communicators with patients within the clinical environment. They are trained in the use of understandable patient-centred language ensuring communicating in English is not a barrier and patient care and safety are improved.


To fulfil employment opportunities for medical and allied health professionals to work in the Western world health sector by equipping them with requisite English language proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and so significantly enhance their English language communication skills.


To provide access to high quality English language proficiency courses and practical teaching methodologies to enhance the candidate’s English language communication skills, knowledge of the OET testing process, professional confidence, soft skills, and to equip candidates with the social and cultural understanding of the workplace to help them integrate seamlessly into the western world health sector.


Course Course Code Hours Program Duration Required IELTS
Standard OET/EHP Au01 & Pa01 312 12 - week program LRWS 6.0
Intermediate OET/EHP Au02 & Pa02 165 6 - week program LRWS 6.0
Advanced OET/EHP Au03 & Pa03 104 4 - week program LRWS 6.5
Refresher – Blended course OET/EHP AU04/05/06/07
26 2-week program for any one module Eligible to candidates who have sat OET Test before and require focusing on any of the one-subtests:
● Writing ● Reading ● Listening ● Speaking
Mock Test Total Self Study mode online AU08/09/10/11
22 2-week program for any one module Eligible to candidates who have sat OET Test before and require more practice on any of the
● Writing ● Reading ● Listening ● Speaking