Student Feedback

Atoyebi Oluwatomi

I cannot recommend PEAR Academy enough. I found PEAR Academy at a very stressful time. I had just failed my OET exam the first time I took it. I contacted the Academy two weeks before my exams. I started working with Daijit Ma’am and Ms. Carol, and my mistakes were identified and pointed out to me. I also had access to a lot of online material from the LMS, and I had more sessions than my supposed three sessions per week. I gradually became confident in my writing. I took my exams and passed with a B in my writing

Dr. Aniq Ur Rehman Gajdhar

“IELTS writing section was a daunting task for me. I scored way above par in listening, reading and speaking in my previous IELTS but could not produce similar outcome in the writing section. With a deadline of a month to clear the English exam, retaking IELTS was a big gamble. Hence, I shifted focus towards OET which in itself was an expensive and unfamiliar exam.

That’s when I heard about PEAR academy and in no time, I joined it! My first interaction with Daljit ma’am was of huge aid and a game changer. With COVID duties and surgical work, preparation time was still unmanageable. Daljit ma’am, Mrs. Carol Tina and Team PEAR Academy were very accommodative and flexible with face-to-face session timings. They kept me motivated throughout and kept giving me assignments on a regular basis.

Thanks to their support and help I achieved the desired score on my OET and am good to go for my future endeavors abroad.”

Maria Scaria
(Registered Nurse)

I would like to provide my feedback, of my experience of OET Exam Day and the Preparation with PEAR Academy. I have written to OET as I feel that they need to know. I take this liberty to send you my thoughts. When I got my results this morning I could not stop screaming for joy. I waited to call you to give you the very good news and mam I feel that your organisation will help so many more people like me, going forward.

The experience of the Test Day was brilliant and it ran very well. Every staff made me feel special and the interlocutor really connected with me.  Mr Anandsai sir with his smile and care tried to see that we were comfortable at all times, in spite of the air conditioning at times not working too well in the waiting lounge.

 I mean this sincerely, there is no other institution in India other than PEAR Academy Australasia, where we can learn OET and prepare ourselves for OET and beyond. Daljit mam, you were my mentor and teacher, and you put a lot of effort and time to help me pass this test. During my first exam, as you know that I learned OET from an Indian organisation in Kerala, where they didn't know even the basic requirements of OET nor any understanding of how nursing is done in the western countries. It was because of The Pear Academy and excellent calibre of trainers, I was able to achieve this understanding and clear my OET exam that was conducted on December 7th at PEAR academy Bangalore with an overall B score. I want to dedicate my success to PEAR Academy and their professional coaching and guidance. Thanks to all of your professional team.

 Once again, a great applause to OET for sanctioning our PEAR Academy Australasia as one of the premium providers of OET. It will help more students in India like me.

Dr Shamir Chandran

Dr Manju Shamir

We had planned to move to Carlisle, UK for work and that was when the onerous task of clearing an English proficiency test was upon us. We heard about OET being approved as an equivalent test to IELTS for doctors and nurses. We did not have much idea about the exact format of the exam and there wasn’t a lot of material available online. But then we chanced upon preparatory course offered by PEAR Academy, Bangalore.

The qualified instructors took us through a crash course of all the different tests, with a variety of tips and tricks to deal with the difficult parts during the reading tests, common mistakes by candidates especially during the listening, building our confidence in the speaking test .

 We found the writing portion particularly useful and even though we have been writing referral letters for years, We realized there was a lot more we could do when synthesizing information and laying it out in a streamlined and efficient manner.

 It was incredible how the PEAR Academy instructors condensed all that information into a well organised format. Their online learning platform entailed practice questions in all modules that was extremely helpful. Further the zoom sessions (webinar) online were highly interactive and beneficial, as we were given a good understanding of the processes and how the health care system works in the UK, Australia, Canada by the professional trainers from Australia, and India. They also provided one on one sessions apart from small group size class coaching. Our sincere love and gratitude to PEAR Academy team Bangalore and Australia for leading us through the right path towards success

Dr Abhilash Garapati

I first researched through the net and came across PEAR website. My friends who also went through coaching and passed suggested that I consider PEAR Academy. I then thought of giving it a go and true to their word and what is on the website, I found PEAR Academy very professional. The trainers were exceptionally good. I cleared OET because of my trainer as she was very patient, cooperative, flexible, and caring. Assessment was done on a regular basis, which enabled me to reflect on and improve on my performance. I always got a prompt response every time I needed help. Thank you, PEAR Academy, for equipping me with the key skills and giving me the opportunity to interact with highly qualified trainers in India and Australia.